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If you’re searching for the authentic, most delicious, best Andalusian Gazpacho recipe, look no more.

3 cups of Andalusian Gazpacho

I first posted this Andalusian Gazpacho recipe in 2010. At that time, I used to make gazpacho only during summer time. Also, I used to make it with the tomatoes from my prolific Southern California kitchen garden. I remember serving it al fresco with multiples garnishes.

close up of a glass of gazpacho

These days I make gazpacho almost all year round with tomatoes from the grocery store. Because now I live in subtropical Miami, I frequently have a big gazpacho jar cooling in the fridge just because… I serve it chilly and plain (without any garnishes.) That’s how good this recipe is.

My Gazpacho Love Story

I can’t remember when I fell in love with this soup. I was born and raised in Venezuela. This is a tropical country where, paradoxically, all soups are served hot. For that reason a cold soup, like a gazpacho or a vichyssoise, was a sort of extravaganza!

Tomato gazpacho served on glasses

In spite of that, I was always curious about this uncooked tomato soup served chilly. I think I also liked the name: gazpacho, so Spanish with that ‘z’, so Andalusian…

There was a time in which all I cared was Spain. I dreamed about dancing sevillanas and became a fan of those cantaoras, fierce singers and performers, the so-called Spanish folklóricas. All I wanted was to look like them, live their passion… Instead of perfume, I used to wear Heno de Pravia (bought at El Corte Inglés, of course) to smell ‘clean and natural’ like I imagined these women would smell…

Gazpacho served in cups

When I started traveling by myself, I choose to go to Spain on vacation for three years in a row. I even managed to skip one semester while attending Journalism school in Caracas, to go and live in Madrid for a few months… However, I never had gazpacho in Spain because I was never there during summertime.

… and then, it came Almodóvar…

three glasses of gazpacho soup

Gazpacho remained a mystery to me until 1988. All happened while watching Pedro Almodóvar’s movie Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. There is a scene where Pepa (Carmen Maura) adds a good amount of sleeping pills in the gazpacho that she made for her ex. OMG! Marisa (Rossy de Palma) finds it in the fridge, drink it and pass out.

The gazpacho plot escalates and one character after the other are nocked out by the cold soup. When somebody says: “this gazpacho has something”, Pepa as if nothing, lists all the ingredients and says the secret is stirring well.

How to make Andalusian Gazpacho

Even if there are many variations, in Andalusia, in Southern Spain, most gazpacho recipes typically include tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, garlic, vinegar, bread and olive oil. Before having my Vitamix, I used to strain the gazpacho to get a silkier consistency. Since I blend all the ingredients in the Vitamix, I find straining unnecessary. 

Cold Spanish Tomato Soup served in glasses

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andalusian gazpacho
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Andalusian Gazpacho

This is the authentic, most delicious Andalusian gazpacho recipe. A cold tomato soup, perfect to be served chilled during summer time.
Prep Time5 minutes
Refrigerate1 hour
Servings: 4
Calories: 370kcal


  • 4 cups ripe but firm tomatoes coarsely chopped
  • ½ cup cucumber peeled and coarsely chopped
  • 1/3 cup green bell pepper deveined, unseeded and coarsely chopped
  • 1 cup stale bread artisan, French baguette cut into cubes
  • 2 garlic cloves chopped
  • 1/4 cup wine vinegar
  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Coarse sea salt to taste


  • In the vase of a blender add all the ingredients until liquefied.
  • Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.
  • Serve chilly in bowls or glasses.



Nutrition Facts
Andalusian Gazpacho
Amount Per Serving
Calories 370 Calories from Fat 189
% Daily Value*
Fat 21g32%
Saturated Fat 3g19%
Sodium 377mg16%
Potassium 670mg19%
Carbohydrates 40g13%
Fiber 5g21%
Sugar 7g8%
Protein 8g16%
Vitamin A 2017IU40%
Vitamin C 43mg52%
Calcium 70mg7%
Iron 3mg17%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Course: Appetizer, Soups
Cuisine: Spanish
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Author: Enri

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