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  • How to Cook Bacon to Perfection

    I like to say life tastes better with bacon. I’m a bacon lover, and bacon is a beloved breakfast staple in my kitchen. Whether you want your bacon crispy or tender, there are several cooking techniques to cook bacon to perfection. Keep reading!

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Soy Enriqueta Lemoine

I am a writer who cooks or a cook who writes: the order of the qualities does not alter the product. Since 2010 I made the place where my two passions converge and now I develop recipes professionally and work as a strategist and creator of digital content, including the production of cooking videos. Read more about Enri.

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  • Asian-Style St Louis Spareribs

    These Asian-style St Louis spareribs are as delicious as easy to make. They are tasteful… and I must confess: spicy too!

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  • Asian-Style St Louis Spareribs