Tomatoes, tomatomaniaYesterday we harvested 20 pounds of tomatoes.tomatomania, tomatoesWe have being eating fresh ripe tomatoes during the last three weeks, but yesterday was the big day.

tomatoes, tomatomania
Sweet Baby Girl tomatoes.

The first big day for our tomato mania, in our tomato land that is becoming a true tomato jungle.

tomatoes, tomatomania
Caspian Pink Heirloom tomatoes.

So far, thanks to this tomatomania, 8 out 18 tomato plants have been giving us these amazing tomatoes in what we call our personal tomato paradise.

Tomatomania, tomatoes
Box Car Willie tomatoes.

Because I’ll be very busy canning tomato sauce and cooking with these beautiful tomatoes…

Tomatomania, tomatoes
Champion tomatoes.

…and then we’ll spend the weekend in Los Ángeles to enjoy Gustavo Dudamel conducting Puccini’s Turandot at the Hollywood Bowl…

tomatomania, tomatoes
Jeune tomatoes.

…and next Monday, July 18th is the first anniversary of Savoir Faire…

tomatomania, tomatoes
Italian Heirloom tomatoes

…I decided to celebrate with these photos…

Tomatomania, mini tomatoes
San Diego tomatoes.

I hope you like them!

tomato plants. tomato garden, bed planted tomatoes
Where the magic happens.

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