Sautéed Beef Strips Sandwich

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Sautéed beef strips sandwich. I don’t know if this happens to you too, but in my house, and especially since Abel entered the scene, we found ourselves craving for street food.

There’s just something so intoxicating about street food, from Filippo’s hot dogs in Altamira or food truck hamburgers in Las Mercedes and La Trinidad —all in my beautiful Caracas, where I was born and raised—, to the greasy soul food of Pepito’s Plaza in our current city of Doral.

Literally speaking, this special kind of fast food makes you want more and then lick your fingers when you’re done. That’s when remorse hits, and you wonder why you can’t eat street food at home.

So, I made this recipe for sautéed beef strips sandwich with onion and red bell pepper. It takes no time at all to make it, it’s guilt-free, and delicious. The best part, however, is the bread: quite literally called Foldit, this type of artisanal bread from Flatout makes for an absolutely scrumptious sandwich that’s easy to stuff and eat.

I love Foldit because it has 53% less carbs than regular bread, with each one being approximately 90 calories. It also has 7 grams of protein, perfect for my 14 year old athlete son, who’s obsessed with food labels and is hyper-aware of what he puts in his body. To top it off, they’re an excellent source of fiver and omega-3 due to the 5 kinds of flax grains it has. 

To make this sandwich, I used Flatout Foldit Artisan Breads 5 Grain Flax, and grilled the bread on the same surface as the beef strips.

In Florida, Flatout breads can be bought at PublixWinn Dixie, and Walmart. It can also be bought on Amazon. Click here to see where to see if it’s available at your local supermarket.

These breads are super practical and keep their taste even after spending time in the fridge.

I hope you enjoy my recipe.

Sautéed Beef Strips Sandwich | Ingredients to make 1 serving

For the steak
1 tenderloin steak cut in strips 
½ cup onion cut in julienne
¼ cup of red bell pepper  cut in julienne 
Coarse sea salt
Fresh-ground black pepper
Olive oil

For the sandwich

1 piece of Flatout Foldit Artisan Breads 5 Grain Flax
2 lettuce leaves (I used butter lettuce)
Mexican cream
Fresh cilantro leaves


1. Place a few drops of olive oil on a grilling pan on medium heat. Add the onions and red bell pepper. Sautée for 1-2 minutes.
2. Add the meat, salt and pepper to taste, and stir. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Make sure the meat is well-cooked while the onions and red bell pepper are crunchy.
3. Separate the steak in the same pan and place the bread next to it. Leave on the pan until the bread has grill marks.
4. Put the lettuce on the bread. Serve the meat on the lettuce, adding some Mexican cream and cilantro leaves.

5. Fold the bread, and serve immediately.


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