Chocolate + Chili = Perfection

Perfection. That’s the word that better describes this masterpiece by Lindt, one of my favorite chocolate brands.

They named it «Excellence», but I think they reached Perfection, with capital, with this supreme dark chocolate with lingering chili notes.

To the sight, the texture is evenly sheen. When you touch it, it’s silky but you can even hear a snap while you break a piece with your fingers. The aromas of dark chocolate are an invitation to the explosion of flavors in your palate…

When you first taste it, it’s just the finest dark chocolate but when it melts in your mouth, and the sweetness yields to the spiciness of the chili, there is no other word to describe this experience but perfection.

I apologize because I didn’t take pictures. I just enjoyed my chocolate as a secret pleasure, while writing at night, in solitude…

With the flowers, the chocolate was a present from my girlfriend Eulimar, who came to spend an afternoon in my kitchen. Thank you Euli for the treasure of your friendship (and for my chocolate too)!

Life is beautiful!

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