Seven Veggies Soup


Seven veggies soup - SAVOIR FAIRE y enrilemoineSeven veggies soup. I miss having soup on a daily basis.  Sometimes I find myself dreaming about living somewhere, where it’s colder, so I can have more soup…

Seven veggies soup - SAVOIR FAIRE y enrilemoineThen, I realize how benign this South Florida winter is, I count my blessings and enjoy a bowl of this very light, yet flavorful seven veggies soup…

Seven veggies soup - SAVOIR FAIRE y enrilemoineThis soup is very similar to the vegetable soup I used to cook while in college, when I discovered the joy of being in the kitchen chopping and seasoning and cooking and feeding… my classmates! I was very popular back then… I’m still popular: feeding people makes me the happiest!

Seven veggies soup - SAVOIR FAIRE y enrilemoine

Life is beautiful and colorful.


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