Jewels in my Kitchen Garden III

 Jewels in my kitchen garden…tomatoes, jewels in my kitchen gardenThis week our tomato crop reached the 300 pound milestone. I still can’t believe it. 300 pounds and we are expecting more: the gigantic beefsteak tomatoes are ripening these days and the first time we harvested them, we got tomatoes weighing 1.5 pounds… each!beef steak tomato, jewels on my kitchen garden Besides the quality and availability of fresh vegetables, for me the best thing about having a kitchen garden has been learning to wait, exercising patience.YELLOW ZEBRA TOMATOES, JEWELS ON MY KITCHEN GARDENI’m the type of person that used to say: “Oh Lord, give me patience, but give it to me right now”. So, growing my own food has been an amazing way to exercise the art of being patient.plums on a tree, jewels on my kitchen gardenTake a look of these plums. The tree was planted a couple of years ago. This year we shared our crop with the birds…plums, jewels on my kitchen gardenCheck out these Italian peppers: only two after three months of constant sunshine, a lot of watering and loving care! peppers, jewels on my kitchen gardenOr these beautiful onions… they are all gone…onions, jewels on my kitchen gardenLike Sinatra used to sing, this was a very good year… Now I’m starting to plan our winter kitchen garden.
Happy Labor Day!

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