Ron de Venezuela


Ron de Venezuela is a Controlled Denomination of Origin —Appellation Contrôlé—, granted to the finest aged rums in the world: the rums from Venezuela, the country were I was born and raised.

sugar cane plantation at the Hacienda Santa Teresa the oldest Ron de Venezuela producer
Sugar cane plantation at the Hacienda Santa Teresa.

Today is August 15th and tomorrow will be National Rum Day in the U.S. To celebrate, I want to talk about the so close to my heart Ron de Venezuela.

This denomination of origin is an indication used to distinguish these añejos, whose quality, reputation, and other distinctive characteristics, are attributable to the region where they are produced.

There are five elements that give Ron de Venezuela its unique character:

  1. The tropical climate of sunny days, cool nights, constant winds and abundant rainfall.
  2. The richness of the soils in which the juiciest sugar cane has been cultivated since the 16th century.
  3. The molasses of exceptional quality that is extracted from the sugar cane and it’s distilled to transform it in alcohol.
  4. The pure water from springs and wells, which is mixed with alcohol that is then aged in oak barrels, for a period that, according to Venezuelan legislation, must be at least two years.
  5. The experience of those who make Ron de Venezuela, based on the tradition handed down by the rum masters of the 19th and 20th centuries.

For many years I worked for Ron Santa Teresa, an independent family group and the oldest producer of Ron de Venezuela. Thanks to my work, I have written about the history of rum, its economy, and the processes that make it possible to produce such a fine spirit.

In 2008 the Fund for the Promotion of Ron de Venezuela was established. It brings together the distilleries that produce the añejos holding the Controlled Denomination of Origin Ron de Venezuela. Since then, I’ve been working for them as content strategist and creator.

But since I live in the United States, first in Southern California and now in South Florida, I can say that I am experiencing a true rebirth of rum. Not only have I seen rum bars open all over the world, but I am discovering and learning about the pleasures of rum as an ingredient in the most sophisticated cocktails and the protagonist of this new trend of ‘mixology’ in which drinks are prepare with fresh ingredients.

These are the pleasures that I want to share with you today…

Cheers and happy National Rum Day!


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