Jewels in my Kitchen Garden

 Jewels in my kitchen garden.carrots and beets, kitchen garden produceWe had a wonderful weekend. First, we went to Yucaipa to cheer for Andrés Ignacio (9), who had his first swim meet. It was fun and the next one will be on July in Redlands. This one will be Tomás Eugenio (7) first swim meet and now I love to say swimming is becoming a family affair.carrots, onion and beets, kitchen garden produceMy children like to say swimming is in their blood. Swim means a lot to me. My brother Ernesto was a swimmer. I never competed, but I loved to swim and I still love it. There were busy times when I found breast stroke swimming the most anti stress experience. That was my quite time to do nothing but relax, just feeling the water and counting the laps. apricots, kitchen gardenAfter Andrés’ swim meet, we came home and harvested carrots, beets, white onions, strawberries and apricots. What a rewarding experience to see all those bright, beautiful colors coming out from our kitchen garden.apricots, kitchen gardenWe ate the apricots fresh. I made strawberry and basil mojitos and virgin coolers for the teen department. I used the carrots, beets and onions making my colorful “wheel” salad. I also made glazed baby carrots with ginger and brown sugar. I will post the recipes and pictures pretty soon… strawberries, kitchen gardenMore carrots and onions, as well as eggplant, zucchinis, yellow squash and 18 varieties of tomatoes are on their way. beets, kitchen gardenIn the meantime, I hope you like our beautiful summer harvest.carrots, kitchen garden produceThis was, no doubt, a very happy weekend in sunny, shiny, warm Southern California!carrots in a kitchen garden
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