When Happiness Lives in a Pot

 When happiness lives in a pot or the joy of growing an herb garden.herb gardenWhat I love about this post is that I’m writing it because I’m happy.thyme, herb gardenEvery morning when I get up, I come downstairs to my “patio” and while coffee is brewing and my children are getting ready for breakfast, I check on my herb garden.peppermint, herb gardenI call it “garden” because of the happiness it brings to my life: as if they were acres upon acres planted with basil, chives, mint, oregano, parsley, sage and thyme.basil, herb gardenBut the garden consists of just six terracotta pots, each (but the peppermint one) has two or three varieties of herbs.sage, herb gardenI always make sure the soil is moist. I rotate them, so they grow harmoniously and “orderly” while seeking sunlight. I trim them, so they can grow strong and bushy. oregano, herb gardenIn return of all the love I put in those planters, I get to make pestos, mojitos, teas, aguas frescas, bouquets garni, herb butter and so on…parsley, herb gardenThat is the happiness that growing an herb garden can bring to your life. basil, herb gardenAnd as a bonus, every time someone comes to visit, they get to go home with a bundle of fresh happiness too, while I keep counting my blessings.herbs on a potLife is beautiful! So grow an herb garden!
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