Being a Girl in a Boy’s World

Being a Girl in a Boy’s World - SAVOIR FAIRE by enrilemoine
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Being a Girl in a Boy’s World. I’m not a feminist. Not at all. I think being a woman is super cool. I like wearing high heels, lipstick and getting my manicure done and all those girls’ stuff. I love cooking, setting the table and candlelights. I love flowers for no reason and a gentleman coming to my door to pick me up when I go out. And I strongly believe in the healing power of pink and friendship between women.

I think the capability of being pregnant, giving birth and breastfeeding make us super creatures with a natural disposition to forever multitasking. And I like to point out the differences between men and us. And for me it’s mandatory that my partner not only understands and appreciates those differences, but also celebrates them as I do.

With that said, I want, first of all, to thank my mom one more time for making me believe that yes, we women can. As a woman, most of the challenges I’ve faced in my professional life are related to men’s (and women too) preconceived ideas according to which instead of playing CEO, we women belong to the nursery and kitchen and that we shouldn’t be doing business decisions but baking oatmeal cookies and packing school lunches. Well, I do both.

Being a single mom, I know children can be a powerful drive to make us grow and achieve and succeed in the business world. I’m not saying it’s easy, but of course we can. And we can be moms and have a successful career without feeling guilty. And even more, we are the queens of reinvention and creating new ways to do business and succeeding in that too.

We work at home, independently, and make money and support our families. And yes we can be cute and smart at the same time and have fun during the process (that’s the best part.) And when we face those guys being condescending with us because we go everywhere with our kids, or because we don’t sit in front of our computers without lipstick, we show them that we’re not only cute and smart but we’re smart about how cute we are.

For many years I faced the challenges that we all face when we put our feet in the “men’s” corporate and business world, trying to be one of them. And because I’m an achiever, I succeeded. But when in 2001, after my first son was born, I started my own business, I gave away the dark corporate attires and changed them forever for floral dresses and high heal sandals, jeans and white shirts. And I flourished and I have to say that I have been having tons of fun being myself.

In facing those challenges it has been paramount the fact that I learned to ignore those preconceived notions about being a woman, a wife, a mom and having a career and succeeding in business. The stronger, smarter, more educated and more driven we grow, the more stereotypes will vanish. And it’s our duty not only to focus in our goals, but to disregard anyone who get’s in our way.

Life is beautiful!

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