Arakú: Rum & Coffee Liqueur


Arakú, rum and coffee liqueur.

Today is National Coffee Day. To celebrate, I’m posting this review of the best coffee liquor ever. Named Arakú to pay tribute to native inhabitants of Aragua state in my home country, it’s a must not only in my bar but also in my kitchen where it’s an ingredient to savory dishes and desserts.

Arakú is the result of combining añejos, aged for two years in white American oak barrels, with a refined yet powerful Arabica coffee infusion.

It is totally elaborated at the Hacienda Santa Teresa where they grow and process all the ingredients, including the Arabica coffee beans that they farm on the mountains above Hacienda since colonial times.

Following are the tasting notes that I wrote as part of my job for Ron Santa Teresa.

Tasting Notes
To the sight: roast coffee color, dense and bright.
To the nose: roast coffee aroma, creamy with light vanilla-like notes, wood.
To the palate: creamy coffee, sweet, robust body, balanced, sticky, smooth.

Recipes with Arakú in this blog include:
Brave Bull 
Spiked Hot Chocolate
Spiked Bicerin
Venezuelan Cappuccino
The Black Swan

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