Summer in Barcelona, rum cocktail

Last two weeks have been pretty hectic. More than hectic, I would say. I volunteered for a fund raising in my home country and that kept me busy, busier than usual. The “big event” is today. So, yesterday I decided to celebrate by mixing these drinks, shooting the pictures and writing this post before sunset.

Well, I mixed the drinks and shot the pictures before sunset, but I wrote this before going to bed. Yesterday was such a beautiful, perfect Southern California spring day. It was one of these days that you just want to be outdoors and celebrate life.

After a whole week almost secluded working, there was no way for me to come and sit by my laptop to do anything. Besides, this Summer in Barcelona was so good, that we decided to enjoy it with no hurry.

Summer in Barcelona is the name of the cocktail. I found it in the cocktail menu of Fig &Olive in Melrose Place, West Hollywood. There, drinks and dishes bring the Mediterranean ingredients, aromas and flavors of Spain, France and Italy.

I don’t know the “father of the creature” and as for the recipe, I just got what was written in the menu: rum, homemade rosemary and thyme syrup, fresh lime juice and muddled blackberries.
I love the name. I love the bright, intense red color provided by the blackberries. I love how the syrup and the rosemary and thyme sprigs bring hints of the fresh herbs, first to the nose and then to the palate.

Most of all, I love when a cocktail takes rum to the next level. Summer in Barcelona is a perfectly balanced concoction, combining fresh ingredients with aged rum, a rum like Santa Teresa Añejo,  born to be mixed with fresh fruits. Salud!

6 blackberries
¾ oz rosemary and thyme syrup
¾ oz fresh lemon juice
1 ½ oz Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa Añejo

Muddle the blackberries with the syrup and the lemon juice. Add crushed ice, the rum and shake well. Strain over a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary or thyme or both.


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