Liquid Gold {Rhum Orange Liqueur}

Liquid Gold: Rhum Orange Liqueur.Rhum Orange Liquor
Since I moved to Southern California, thank to the generosity of friends coming from Venezuela, I have managed to always have a tiny reserve of Rhum Orange Liqueur on my bar. But of course, a bottle of something that we call “liquid gold” is almost nothing when you want to mix and experiment and create something cool and exiting.

We called it liquid gold not only because of its deep amber color and orange glitter, but also because it is highly appreciated in our home: an ingredient for countless cocktails and desserts, we cannot find it anywhere in our area, so we treasure Rhum Orange like gold!

The good news is, again, Drink Up NY. They are my official Ron de Venezuela suppliers and now they are carrying and shipping Rhum Orange Liqueur to the US too! My first shipment will be here pretty soon and since I’m going to start mixing cocktails and making chocolate mousse à l’orange and Crêpes Suzette, I decided to share the official description of this superb liquor, commissioned by Ron Santa Teresa to me. Once again, the photo was shot by Holger Stork.

Rhum Orange Liqueur is a sweet rum liquor and the perfect fusion of the finest añejos, aged for two years in oak barrels, and an exquisite and delicate Valencia orange peel maceration. The expression of a tradition of more than 200 years, Rhum Orange Liqueur summarizes the generosity of Hacienda Santa Teresa, founded in 1796 and where sugar cane is grown, alcohol is distilled and aged, and this liquor is finally bottled.

Tasting Notes
To the sight: amber color with orange glitter. Dense.
To the nose: fragrant, fruity, it evokes the scent of fresh oranges and fragrance of the orange maceration, with the notes of dark spices, among them black pepper and cloves.
To the palate: lightly viscous, fruity, ardent notes bring freshness, light body, silky, with a firm aftertaste, smooth, with a strength that is persistent on the palate.
Drinking suggestions: in a balloon glass, just chilled or on the rocks. As an ingredient of the most exotic cocktails. Perfect to flame and as an ingredient to enhance main courses or desserts.


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