Linaje: A Star Is Born

One thing I certainly do not like about not living in Venezuela is that I missed last week’s party to celebrate the birth of Ron Santa Tanta Teresa’s new family member: extra-aged rum Linaje (the Spanish word for lineage.)

One of the things that I certainly love about living in Miami is that, being so close to my home country, I could enjoy the pleasure of testing and tasting this superb rum before it went on sale.

The following is what I wrote as part of my job for the oldest Ron de Venezuela distillery, on this, its new born rum añejo:

Santa Teresa Linaje is the result of a blend of premium aged rums which, as its name and bottle suggest, comes from the same lineage of Santa Teresa Añejo.

With an intense amber color with golden highlights, its aroma and flavor evoke the oak barrels where it was aged. Young and aged rums give Santa Teresa Linaje clear notes of wood and nuts, which blend into a sparkling, full-bodied and complex añejo that lingers on the palate.

The expression of a tradition of more than 200 years, Santa Teresa Linaje summarizes the generosity of Hacienda Santa Teresa, founded in 1796 and cradle of Ron de Venezuela, where they grow the sugar cane, distill the alcohol, and age and bottle their internationally renowned añejos.

Tasting Notes

To the sight: deep amber color with golden highlights, abundant tears.
To the nose: sweet, nutty, woody notes, oak.
To the palate: round, sweet entry, bitter and long at the end, with flavors of dark chocolate and nuts.


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