Zucchini Soup with Goat Cheese Pearls and Bacon Bits

More than a recipe, this is an amazing way to jazz up a recipe.

Because it has been so chilly lately, I’m committed to a daily bowl of soup for lunch. I love zucchini soup, but with this weather we crave for something richer, with protein.

I’m a bacon and a goat cheese lover. One of these chilly days I had my zucchini soup with goat cheese pearls and crunchy bacon bits.

Not rocket science. I just made the little goat cheese balls with my hands and put them, before serving, in the hot soup with the bacon bits. That’s all.

The goat cheese melting in your mouse takes this soup to the next level. And the bacon bits… well: bacon doesn’t need any explanation…

I hope you like it!

To print the recipe of the zucchini soup click here.


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