Pesto to freeze!

Yes, you can freeze pesto. I tried it and it works perfectly. Before this big discovery, only comparable to the joy of being able to make pesto in a food processor, I thought pesto was only good if it was made fresh.

The truth is pesto is so easy to make that I never thought about the need of preserving it. But after all the tomato canning, canning, and more canning, I was wondering what to do to preserve the wonders of my basil for the rest of the year…

And the answer is freezing it. The best part is the freezing and thawing doesn’t affect either the flavor or the texture, and you can treat yourself not only with pasta, but also with pizzas, salads, crostinis and bruschettas with pesto

The pesto in the pictures is the classic pesto alla Genovese. I made four batches with sweet basil and two more with Thai basil, which is a little bit spicy. I put them in plastic freezable containers and froze them! I’m planning to do the same with my arugula and walnut pesto and I let you know if this works for my pesto alla Trapanese too!

I’m so happy that I just wanted to share it with you!


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