Creamy Yummy Hummus


Hummus, hommos, hommus, houmous, hummos and hummous are all words to name a spread made out of garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil.

A staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, hummus is the first cousin of my favorite Baba Ganoush. As its first cousin, hummus can be served as an appetizer or a dip, always accompanied by pita bread.

I love its smooth and creamy texture and its neutral flavor and color. I like to spread it on a dish, top it with some olive oil and garnish it with a sprig of mint.

Hummus goes perfect with tabouleh and all those wonders of the Middle East cuisine as majadra. Here is my recipe. I hope you like it!

Hummus | Ingredients for 2 ½ cups
1 cup of dry garbanzo beans
6 cups of water
3 garlic cloves smashed
3 tsp. of fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup of tahini
Coarse sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil
1 mint sprig

In a stock pan over medium heat, add the water and the garbanzo beans and cook covered for 1 hour, until the garbanzos are tender. Turn off the heat and let cool down. In a food processor, puree the garbanzos with the garlic, tahini and lemon juice. Salt to taste. You may need to add up to 4 tablespoons of the garbanzo liquid. This paste can be kept in an air tight container in the refrigerator for a week. Before serving, spread it on a dish, garnish with the mint sprig and add some drops of olive oil. Serve with pita bread.

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