Meyer Lemon Aged Rum Sour

Aged Rum Sour.

Reading the last issue of Imbibe, “Winter Wonder“, and article by Kelly Magyarics, I assumed it was on winter cocktails, captured my attention.

Immediately I realized it wasn’t exactly about winter cocktails. “Winter Wonder” was about Meyer lemons, the ubiquitous Southern California lemon tree variety, so ubiquitous that I have a very prolific one in my backyard. The same lemons that are at their peack this time of the year.

According to the article, the Meyer was introduced to the United States by Frank N. Meyer, from the Agriculture Department, in the early 1900s, when he brought a sample from China. God bless Meyer. These lemons, which I use year round, are the juiciest. They are also more complex than regular lemons. When ripe, the Meyer offers orange notes and it’s definitely sweeter and less acidic than other lemons.

Due to those characteristics, the use of Meyer lemons in mixology, is growing: in zest, peels, juices and even marmalades. Imbibe comes with three recipes, the first one made with aged rum. Because of the rum and because the drink was poured in a Martini glass, I decided to try it.

This week, we had a few cloudy days. As soon as the sun started to shine again, I made this Meyer Lemon Aged Rum Sour, created by Al Sotack of The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co in Philadelphia. “The Meyer lemon can be used more or less where you use any citrus, but it should be used with respect,” says Sotack, who uses less simple syrup and more lemon juice than a classic sour recipe, because Meyer lemons have a sweeter juice than regular lemons.

Because Sotack called for aged rum, I chose Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa Añejo, a blend of premium rums aged up to five years in oak barrels. My conclusion: this is a perfect appealing and tasteful rum cocktail, no matter the season. Salud!

Meyer Lemon Aged Rum Sour
2 oz of Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa Añejo (Gran Reserva)
1 oz of fresh Meyer lemon juice
¾ oz of simple syrup (1 sugar, 1 water)

Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain over a chilly Martini glass. Garnish with a Meyer lemon peel.

To print the recipe click here.



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