5 School Lunch Sandwiches

These 5 school lunch sandwiches were sponsored by King’s Hawaiian as part of an Influencer Activation. The sandwich ideas and my love for mini subs are my own. Thanks for reading and supporting the brands that make Savoir Faire possible.

school lunch sandwiches
School lunch sandwich #1: Make the Italian mini sub with Romaine lettucce, ham, provolone cheese and Genoa salami.

Today is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s finally back to school. Andrés Ignacio is already a senior and Tomás Eugenio a sophomore, and I’m a happy camper after planning my five back to school sandwiches for this week’s school lunches. No need to say that I’m also ready to enjoy some solitude at home.

school lunch sandwiches

Andrés eats at school but for an athlete food is never enough so, in spite of the school lunch, he always brings some extras. Tomás on the other hand would starve himself before eating any school meal, so he religiously carries his brown bag.

school lunch sandwiches

They are both way taller than me and no matter how different they are, they share something in common: they become little kids again when there are King’s Hawaiian rolls involved.

school lunch sandwiches

The truth is at home, we all associate King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls with big important family moments. The reason? A story as sweet as King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls. Keep reading.

school lunch sandwiches

When we moved to the US back in 2007, in our first Thanksgiving meal, only four days after we landed in Southern California, the bread I served was King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls. My boys, at that time 6 and 4 years old, loved them!

school lunch sandwiches
School lunch sandwich #2: Make the mini version of the classic BLT with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

So, to celebrate my happiest day of the year, I’m doing five different mini subs with the rolls that bring the sweetest memories from my boys’ childhood.  

school lunch sandwiches

Not only the classic dinner rolls are delicious, soft and certainly sweet, they are also perfect to make mini subs and sandwiches (and as you may know, I love mini and finger food).

school lunch sandwiches
School lunch sandwich #3: Make a super easy version of the classic Cuban sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and relish.

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy King’s Hawaiian. But you can transform an everyday meal, such as the school lunch of your kiddos, in a memorable moment with King’s Hawaiian.

school lunch sandwiches
School lunch sandwiches #4 and #5. The Roman comes with arugula, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. The Caprese comes with arugula, mozzarella, tomato and my homemade basil pesto.

These five school lunch mini sandwiches are proof of that. They are all to die-for. Pack them with fresh veggies such as cherry tomatoes and baby carrots, and fresh fruit including apples, strawberries or plums, and rest sure your children will be having a well balanced meal.

school lunch sandwiches

These are simply ideas on the things you may do to make your kids lunchboxes the envy of the entire class (and of course they are perfect when they come back from school as a snack.)

school lunch sandwiches

What do you pack in your children lunch boxes? Let your creativity shine and follow the conversation by tagging @KingsHawaiian on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and using the hashtags #KingsHawaiian and #KingsHawaiianLunch.

Happy school year 2019-2020!


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