Toasting My Girlfriends {With Bailey’s Irish Cream}


Toasting my girlfriends with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Cherry Bombshell
Photos courtesy of Bailey’s.

For my dear friends, my true soul mates, for always being there  when I needed them —you know who you are.

I am a firm believer in the healing power of women friendship. It’s in these friendships where I’ve found solace, cradling, protection, pampering, counseling, and encouragement. I’ve always been blessed with wonderful girlfriends, and I’ve never taken them for granted because, for better or worse, they’ve always been by my side. That is, of course, until I moved to the U.S., and had to live in California surrounded by men.

It was then that I realized that women have a strong desire to have other women in their life. Fortunately, since moving to Miami, I’ve made several new friends, and have reconnected with some old ones. Together, we’ve weaved a tight network of friendship, and strengthened our bonds of sisterhood.Cherry BombshellWhen we get together our emotional connection only grows. That’s when a biological miracle occurs: we produce progesterone, a hormone that improves mood and relieves stress. I’m not the one saying this. This is backed up by studies on hormones and human behavior by scientist from  the University of Michigan.

Not having friends or confidantes poses a danger to our health as bad as being overweight or smoking. The more friends we have, the happier and healthier we are. Again, this theory has been proven in studies by UCLA, the University of Chicago, Harvard, and Stanford.Cherry BombshellIf the best thing that can happen to a man is marrying a woman, the best thing that can happen to a woman—whether married, unmarried, divorced, widowed, or single—is to have plenty of girlfriends and spend time with them.

Another study showed the survival rate of women with breast cancer was higher in women with a solid network of girlfriends compared to those who did not—yet another example of the power of female friendship.Cherry BombshellAnother study reports that when a woman loses her partner (one of the greatest sources of stress that any human being experiences), be it from death or divorce, those with a close circle of girlfriends are better prepared to cope with the solitude that soon sets in. Women friendships provide the best comfort, support, protection, pampering, and encouragement, and it is for this reason that girlfriends are irreplaceable.

That said, I want to celebrate my own circle of strong female friends with a cocktail that Bailey’s so graciously asked me to test out a few months ago at the launch of Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry in Miami.Cherry BombshellThe event was held at night in an open air area of Mary Brickell Village, and was distinctive for being geared toward women —I loved every second. The event included styling stations for everything from hair to makeup. I left my house dressed to the nines, so I unfortunately didn’t get to try them out.

I enjoyed myself regardless, traipsing around in a stylish black dress and taking advantage of one of the event’s highlights: a red carpet where a photographer showed guests how to take the best selfies. Cherry BombshellOf course, I also spent time at the cocktail bar, toasting to the girlfriends that have brought me comfort, made me a stronger person, and kept me healthy and happy. Thanks to them, I still can say life is beautiful and worth living, no matter what.


La amistad entre mujeres - SAVOIR FAIRE by enrilemoine
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Cherry Bombshell

Prep Time5 mins
Servings: 1


  • 1 oz of Baileys Chocolate Cherry
  • 1/2   oz of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
  • Chocolate syrup
  • maraschino cherry topper


  • Pour the Bailey's and rum in a shaker with ice and stir vigorously until the cocktail begins to condense.
  • Spread the edge of a shot glass with the chocolate syrup.
  • Pour the mixture into the shot glass.
  • Top the drink with a maraschino cherry.
Course: Cocktails and Drinks

I was invited to by Bailey’s to the launch of the Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry. I did not receive compensation for writing this post.

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