The American Dream: Come and Clean!

This post is sponsored by Scrubbing Bubbles® . Thank you for reading and supporting the companies that Savoir Faire collaborates with,  which allows me to keep sharing my recipes here. The-American Dream Come And Clean Nine years ago, when I came to live in the U.S. for good, I spent the first six months missing. I missed, for example, my children nannies and my house helpers: the ladies that used to help me to keep my place impeccable.  I remember myself bitterly joking: “I’m living the American dream: come and clean,” and then finding comfort thinking that we certainly have our helpers that make our lives easier.
I’m not talking about my dear L, who comes to help me with my “Spring cleaning” every other week (yes, I’m the single mom of two messy boys and a clean freak with no time to live my natural compulsion to have everything shiny and looking brand new.)The Americam dream come and cleanI’m talking about the magic stuff that I use to keep my house, and especially my kitchen and bathrooms, the way I like it in spite of the fact I’m by myself (with no housekeeping help) 95% of the time. I’m talking about my partner in crime
Scrubbing Bubbles®. Together we do magic: I just apply it and I can see how soap scum, water stains, dirt and more vanish… in no time! And for a picky nose like mine, the fact that Scrubbing Bubbles® leaves a nice clean scent, is a must!
There is something about keeping and maintaining things in good shape (I mean CLEAN) that helps a lot too. I don’t wait until L comes to do the dirty job, because the dirty job is done by Scrubbing Bubbles ®: I just spray it once a week and wipe it out. No need to rub or scrub. It’s effortless. And the best part is: it really prevents the growth of mold and mildew. And there is more: besides the fact Scrubbing Bubbles®does the dirty job in the easiest, quickest and most effective way, I love I can easily find it at Walmart, so that’s a dream come true.the American dream come and cleanFore more information on Scrubbing Bubbles® please click here. Join the conversation following Walmart  on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and using the hashtag #SCJMessyMoments.

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