Cooking with flowers (when inspiration strikes)

The goodies shown in this post were sent by Mary Kay for my review.

Cooking with flowers. Recently, the mail brought me a surprise. Everything was as unexpected as the feelings I experienced while opening the box. Within it, came a makeup case, skin lotions, a perfume, a kit for manicure and pedicure including nail polish in the most beautiful spring colors, scented soaps…

The packaging was so delicate, feminine, and elaborately floral, that my imagination started to fly and suddenly thought about the wonders of cooking with flowers.
And then, I remembered my delicate rose mojito, with which I sealed forever in my memory, those rose bushes that gave me so much happiness, while I lived in Southern California.
And I remembered my scented lavender cookies.
And then I realized that I never posted the recipe for the delicious agua de Jamaica.
And I thought I want to do zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta as the Italians do (and Mexicans too.)
So I decided to share the beauty sent to me by Mary Kay, the cosmetics company founded in 1963, by Mary Kay Ash who was 45 year-old at that time. Today, Mary Kay has 3.5 million independent beauty consultants who sell more than 200 Premium products in more than 35 countries.

Thank you Mary Kay for my beautiful goodies and for the inspiration they brought to my life, especially now that spring begins. Now I want to go back to cooking with flowers.

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