Smoked Salmon Burrito

Do you mind something different for this Super Sunday?
I’m definitely not in the mood for any kind of junk food.
So I figured out this smoked salmon burrito, which I first posted on Mamás Latinas, can be a good idea.
I was first introduced to this deliciousness by my girlfriend Carolina’s mom. Diana was such a delicate lady, that she used to tie up every wrap with ciboulette.
I love it because it’s flavorful, easy to make and because the combination of smoked salmon and flour tortilla is absolutely unexpected…
It can be served as a sandwich or as a mini appetizer when you have a crowd to please. I hope you like it.
Smoked Salmon Burrito | Ingredients for 4 portions
4 flour tortillas
Extra virgin olive oil
4 slices of smoked salmon
3 hard-boiled eggs minced
3 chives finely chopped
3 Tbs. of capers finely chopped
Freshly grounded black pepper
Brush the tortillas with some olive oil.
Evenly distribute the salmon, then the eggs, chives and capers.
Add the pepper and make a wrap with every tortilla.
Secure with two toothpicks.
Cut and serve.

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