One Week before Thanksgiving

I can’t believe it’s only one week before Thanksgiving! For those asking me about my menu, here it is. Of course everything will be around my Juicy Herb Roasted Turkey…

…which will be stuffed with wild and basmati rice with cranberries, apples, bacon and herbs…

… and served with this herb infused gravy because in the US turkey with no gravy it is not turkey!

As side dishes we will have my super creamy garlic infused mashed potatoes…

… these heavenly roasted yams with garlic and baby arugula…

… the classic cornbread

… and either this Brussels sprouts with cranberries and balsamic vinegar reduction (I’ll be posting the recipe pretty soon) or sautéed green beans with butter and lemon…

Because I love the color it will bring to my Thanksgiving table, we’ll have this beautiful persimmon and pomegranate salad served on a baby arugula bed (I don’t have to say I love arugula..

For dessert, my favorite rum and molasses pecan pie…

…my decadent pumpkin pie

….and my deluxe gingerbread… I think that will be enough…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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