Sandy, Tears of Joy and Back to Normal


This week was like a roller coaster. First Sandy, and all the anxiety a hurricane, bringing massive destruction can cause, even if you are far away. In Miami, besides a cooler weather and intermittent internet, we weren’t affected. But most of my friends and coworkers in New York and New Jersey lost power, water and gas. Some were evacuated because their homes were flooded…  My heart was broken.

As you may know, I cook when I’m happy and I cook when I’m sad. And I cook and especially eat a lot when I’m anxious. For multiple reasons, I have been kind of anxious during the last couple of weeks… But then, something wonderful happened last Thursday…
My son Andrés Ignacio (10), brought me his best report card ever. The same boy who was scared and anxious the first day of school because he was bullied both at his school and at home, back in California, came home with an Honor Roll diploma. I took this diploma personally. It proves that I was right when, five months ago, I made the move of my life, leaving a “comfortable” life style in Southern California, to settle down, with my two boys, in South Florida.
This had been the hardest period of my entire life. I didn’t know how scared I was until I opened that envelope, and for the first time in a long, long time, I had tears of joy. Then, I realized the worst was over. More than ever I feel I can make it. This is the beginning and I don’t have to eat because I’m anxious anymore. Children are adjusting wonderful and so do I. My boys are safe and so do I.
Does this mean I am on a diet? No. Does this mean my blog is going to change, absolutely not. This only means I’m going back to normal eating delicious food for the pleasures of my palate and not because I’m anxious. This only means portion control and fewer desserts, breads and cookies. And since I love carbs, this will be my biggest challenge. But I know I can make it. This only means I will go back to normal. Because life is beautiful.

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