Prosciutto di Parma and arugula rolls with Bocconcini


I have two boys. They may look alike, but they are so, so different. Andrés Ignacio (10) loves cheeseburgers, and that is reason enough for Tomás Eugenio (8) to assume he will never ever, taste a burger, not even ketchup! Even if there was a time in which they both loved prosciutto, just for the sake of differentiating from his brother, now Tomás doesn’t want to eat it. I guess this is part of being individuals and reaffirming themselves as unique persons.

So, here is this plate. Half for my big boy, who loves prosciutto and arugula, like his mom. The other half is for my little one, who loves bocconcini and everything mozzarella, like his mama. Everyone loves his part and doesn’t like the other one. For me? This is a different snack when they come super hungry from school. Bingo! The only problem is mama who loves everything and once in a while has this combo with a bowl of soup for lunch. Family confessions apart, this is an amazing appetizer or amuse-bouche. I hope you like it.

Prosciutto di Parma and arugula rolls with Bocconcini | Ingredients for 2 portions
4 slices of Prosciutto di Parma
2 cups of baby arugula
12 bocconcini

Divide the arugula in four, and make a roll with the prosciutto slices. Serve with the bocconcini.


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