Lettuce (for the sake of blogging)


I have been posting more than usual.

Besides a good report card from Andrés Ignacio (10) and Tomás Eugenio (8), or a basketball game were my boys score half of the points, lately, for me there is nothing more comforting than coming to this blog.

Call it creative healing, therapeutic blogging, writing evasion… you name it, and you’ll be right.

Thinking about a recipe, an ingredient, a meal, cooking, experimenting, shooting pictures and then writing, has become an invaluable source of… relief?

I’m not sure about being relieved. But it’s good. It helps to keep my mind busy instead of thinking of problems that I cannot help to solve, and, as a secondary positive side effect, we have nice meals to eat.

So, let’s say it helps to take a look at this lettuce and write. Look at how beautiful they are.

Last November, they sprouted in pellets, strategically placed by the window in the breakfast nook. Then, we planted them in wooden boxes in the kitchen garden.

When we had a week of freezing nights, last December, we covered them with blankets. Being treasured for three months, now, they are giving us salads, salads and more salads. And more and more salads.

They are sweet, opposite to the bitter of my beloved arugulas. And I love them. They come clean and crispy, and they remind me that for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

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