Healing {Families & Relationships}

Healing. Families can heal and relationships can be restored. This is my mantra. It has been my mantra the last couple of days.
Sourthern California Sunrise, healing families and relationshipsFirst, I felt betrayed. Like when somebody stabs you in the back. It hurts when somebody you love is hurt. It hurts when they make wrong choices. It hurts when you see them suffering the consequences of those bad choices.

I started counseling a few months ago and was able to anticipate most of the things we’re facing right know. But the last couple of days I was so devastated that I didn’t want to come and write. I apologize. I try to keep this blog as a happy space: after all, to get bad news you read the newspapers or watch the news.

However, as part of this healing process, I found out that recognizing you have a problem and talking about it, helps to heal. It helps a lot. By sharing it, you may feel you’re not alone and you can learn from others experiences.

Families can heal and relationships can be restored. I’m working on that. It is hard and stressing. But I never take short cuts. I am a warrior. I don’t give up and this won’t be the first time.

I know there is nothing more distressing and rewarding than coming back to the things I love: my cooking, shooting pictures and writing simple stories about my simple recipes. In other words: going back to normal, resurfacing, restoring my peace of mind, to help my family heal and our relationships to be restored.

After all, there is always cooking and that is love and family. 




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