Shakira in L.A. {An Angel in Los Angeles}

Shakira in L.A. {An Angel in Los Angeles}Shakira in L.A.Last weekend we went to beautiful Santa Monica. As usual, we walked on landmark Santa Monica Pier, where Route 66 ends, to enjoy the sunset overlooking the Pacific and breathe the autumn sea breeze. We went to fancy Santa Monica Plaza and then got ready for the concert that brought us to Los Angeles.

We got the best tickets I could find to see this universal Colombian Shakira (the very reason, I must confess, of this post,) has become.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Last Saturday was the first time Shakira performed in Los Angeles, in years. There was a more than 20.000 people crowd and we all were more than compensated by one of the best pop concerts I have ever seen. This was a show where Shakira demonstrated why she won two Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Awards and why she has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.

No video or picture really honors her. In real, her beauty is almost unreal. Angelical I would say. She arrived to the stage waving and shaking hands while singing the first song of the night, with a mix of humbleness and gratitude.

Tiny and skinny, her presence on stage is inversely proportional to her size. Her voice, her so sexy persona, her charm were complemented by the catchy melodies of the songs she has been composing and singing for the last 20 years, since she irrupted on the Colombian musical scene…

Her unique way to combine cumbia with belly dance and flamenco, the way she moves and the costumes, designed to enhance her natural beauty, the amazing band of musicians and dancers, the lights, the images projected on the stage screen, mesmerized an audience that for two hours succumbed to her charm.

We ended so happy that decided not to go to La Descarga, the rum bar of twins Mark and Jonnie Houston in East Hollywood, where we were supposed to have some rum and shoot some pictures for Savoir Faire. It’ll be another time.



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