Pasta with Broccoli and Salami

A couple of days ago, after harvesting the broccoli for my broccoli soup, I decided to leave the plants in their boxes and keep watering, just to see what happened.

Guess what: they gave us these skinny florets, similar to the ones we harvested exactly a year ago. Today I harvested the florets (we need room to start our tomato garden) and made a pasta salad like we did last year, for lunch.

Because of the the hungry men in my house, I added some salami and instead of serving it as a cold salad, I served it warm, accompanied with a lettuce and blue cheese salad.

This lunch, our first in the patio this year (and spring has not officially arrived), was spicy (because of the crushed red pepper and the salami) and full of flavor. I’ll post the lettuce and blue cheese salad before our Romains are over.

Life is beautiful!

To print the recipe of the Broccoli and Casarecce Pasta Salad, click here.


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